I wanted to share with everyone my favorite christmas tunes. AND MOST ARE FREE!!! So enjoy the holidays with all the bundles of talent!

The Music Bed Sampler (really cool company and cause, and great artists on there too: Ben Rector, Canopy Climbers, The Likes of Us)

Homestead single (I cried the first time I listened to this one. Truth, but it was followed by uncontrollable smiling)

Courrier single (a Christmas classic filled with strings and gang vocals)

Joe Moralez single (fun mixed holiday music? You can’t help but fall in love with that precious man)

The Oh Hellos (hometown folk heroes and everything that’s amazing)

A Day of Glory (a live album filled with rewritten hymns, choirs and Jesus)

A Blackwatch Christmas 1 (Chris Cringle by Hector Comancho, need I say more?)

A Blackwatch Christmas 2 (Go Tell It On The Mountian sure is told, nice and dirty)

A Blackwatch Christmas 3 (Holly Tonk and Jingle Beats says it all)


Last month I had the honor of going on the road with Language Room (Austin, Tx) for their midwest tour. It was quite the adventure. One morning in Omaha, Nebraska we got up at sunrise and ventured into the snowy woods to film this little treasure.

Let me tell you a little about these dashing men first though. I’ve gotten to know these guys over the past few months and really grown to love them as family. They are incredibly talented musicians, each brining their own unique dynamic to the band. From their mesmerizing harmonies, to their sweet and loving personalities, this “Gosling” band is sure to have you swooning.


Fun fact: I also cut their hair!




December was a whirlwind of a month. It ended as soon as it began. The craziest of all was christmas week. I had 3 weddings in 3 cities and 2 states, plus christmas right in the middle of that. These are the engagement photo’s (that I also did hair and makeup for) from one of the weddings. Done by the one and only Two Times Photography.

Now I am very excited to see the photos from this last wedding, in Dripping Springs shot by Loft Photographie. I’ve admired them for a while and finally had the chance to work with them. They are AMAZING. Stay tuned for full wedding posts.


There is a place where the water is that perfect shade of sparkling blue.

The people are friendly.

The food is good.

Iguanas roam the island freely.

And giant planes fly over your head while you’re laying out on the beach.

It’s called St. Maarten, and you need to add Maho Beach to your bucket list.

Yes, it’s real. It was a dream come true to experience it. It was also nice to travel with sibling professional photographers (Two Times Photography) who documented everything, but still let me use the camera when there was a shot I wanted to snag.

^^^^^^^^^^Like this one! ^^^^^^^^^^




I like to think I don’t live in East Austin, but the fact is I do. That fact slapped me in the face last month. My house got broken into and my roommate and I lost both our laptops and all our jewelry. We actually had a grinch steal our christmas.

Now, unfortunately for me this means no more computer for a while. Which has put a very heavy damper on some upcoming media projects. Fingers crossed they are just on hold, and will be continued later this year.

There is still good news though! THEY DIDN’T STEAL MY CAMERA! Which means all is not lost. Stay tuned for some pretty exciting stuff.

Luckily I emailed my christmas card to myself. So you still get to see it! Here’s to 2013 being much MUCH better then 2012.

Happy New Year!


Last week I had a shoot doing hair and makeup for some senior portraits with Two Times Photography. About an hour before the shoot it started raining, which turned into a downpour. We had planned on shooting all outside, so after some brainstorming we found ourselves in a parking garage. It was fantastic! I ended up staying for the entire shoot since is it was pouring rain majority of the time. Let me just tell you. I LOVE WORKING SHOOTS.

Check out the full post HERE, at Two Times Photography’s site. Bethany is incredible, and I’m not just saying that because she is my sister-in-law. Though it is fun to keep things in the family. It was basically a sister shoot, because the lovely senior model happens to be my step-sister.


Lots of new weddings and photo shoots coming soon! Maybe even a new site. It’s an exciting season kids!


Big news boys and girls. I just signed up for a DINAIR airbrush makeup class. Looking forward to adding the option of airbrush makeup to the menu!